Tan SockFong  Glass Artist & Sand Artist/Animator  Art Glass Studio/Consultancy & Sand Art/Animation  @ArtGlassCentre & @SANDadu
Glass & Sand Artist/Animator Tan SockFong Sand Art/Animation by Tan SockFong @SANDadu Art Glass Studio & Consultancy by Tan SockFong @ArtGlassCentre
SockFong.com  陳淑芳 工作室
Glass Artist & Sand Artist/Animator   http://www.facebook.com/GlassFong https://plus.google.com/101316495429506573091 https://plus.google.com/101316495429506573091
ArtGlassXchange.com  |  GlassMorphosis.com  |  ArtGlass.SG
ArtGlassCentre.com  琉璃藝術中心
Art Glass Studio & Consultancy   http://www.facebook.com/GlassCentre http://www.youtube.com/ArtGlassCentre http://instagram.com/ArtGlassCentre http://vimeo.com/channels/ArtGlass https://plus.google.com/107375719948834391515 https://plus.google.com/113496533636876699204 http://i.youku.com/ArtGlassCentre http://www.renren.com/ArtGlassCentre
SandArt.SG  |  SandAnimation.SG
SANDadu.com  沙樂都 沙畫工坊
Sand Art & Sand Animation   http://www.youtube.com/SANDaduAGC http://www.facebook.com/SANDadu http://instagram.com/SANDadu http://vimeo.com/channels/SandArt https://plus.google.com/113487160407164182033 https://plus.google.com/107203715523317213077 http://i.youku.com/SANDadu http://www.renren.com/SANDadu
Exhibition "Art on the Hill" 24 Nov 2016 - 18 Dec 2016. Oil . Clay . Glass by Brian Adams . Sunar Sugiyou . Tan SockFong 陈淑芳 | 承诺:你愿意为你的城市做点什么? 10-25 Sep 2016 “城市•艺术•发展:城市温度” 中国新加坡当代艺术交流展 上海大韵堂艺术馆 新加坡国际基金会 与 上海市人民对外友好协会 联合主办. "Musical Protrait 《樂中畫》" by People's Association Youth Chinese Orchestra (PAYCO) 5th Dec 2015 @Singapore Conference Hall. Art Glass Installation "Dancing Hues of Life" at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. SG50 National Day Celebration @Tanjong Pagar. The Death of Cecil the (Zimbabwean) Lion. Art Installation "薪火相傳 Kindling Aspirations" A 28th SEA Games Torch-UP! Community Programme, unveiled on 4 June 2015 at the Promontory @Marina Bay. 薪火相傳 Art Glass Marathon featured as SEA Games Story: Art Glass

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